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The NASCSA Purpose

The purpose of the National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities is to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of information and ideas, to develop, implement and monitor ongoing strategies and to curtail the abuse, misuse and diversion of controlled substances. Further, to advocate for continued enhancement, funding and utilization of programs to limit the inappropriate use and diversion of controlled substances. Furthermore, to provide the expertise and a unified voice of its membership in collaborating and educating: 1) local, state and federal law enforcement, regulatory authorities, public policy makers; 2) authorized prescribers, dispensers and distributors, and 3) the community at large for the sole purpose of improving the public health in the appropriate use of controlled substances.

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Goal #1
Promote communications and cooperation among the diverse federal, state and local agencies, responsible for regulating and enforcing controlled substance laws

Goal #2
Serve as a liaison between states and federal controlled substances authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, and other interested parties

Goal #3
Seek representation of all U.S. states, commonwealths, districts and territories in NASCSA

Goal #4
Establish NASCSA as a clearinghouse for all state controlled substances issues

Goal #5
Promote uniformity of controlled substances laws and prescription drug monitoring programs among the states

Goal #6
Hold an annual conference to provide an educational forum for discussion and communication among government agencies, the pharmaceutical industry and other interested parties on controlled substances issues

NASCSA Financially

NASCSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such we rely on membership fees, sponsorship and donations to fund our mission and activities. If you are interested in supporting NASCSA financially, we accept and greatly appreciate donations in any amount up to $1,000. To donate, simply click the link below to access our donation page. You will receive an email receipt from NASCSA for your records.

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