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NASCSA Surveys Its Members on gabapentin and gabapentin enacarbil

Posted 4/3/2022

In March of 2022 NASCSA conducted a survey of it?s state members requesting their input on a recent petition submitted Public Citizen to the FDA and DEA to place gabapentin and gabapentin enacarbil on schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act. Attached please find the results of the survey...
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Alaska Senate Passes Bill Exempting Veterinarians from Controlled Substance Database

Posted 4/1/2022

Senate Bill 132 passed the Senate by a vote of 16-0 and is now on its way to the Alaska House of Representatives for consideration. For more information, please contact the Senate Majority Press office at (907) 465-4066.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs are designed for use in human...
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State Laws Had Little Impact on Opioid Prescribing

Posted 3/19/2022

Another study that finds increase in drug overdoses after state implements PDMP reporting.

Note:  It's important to read and understand the studies.  Authors providing news/summaries may inject personal bias or have other motives.  Like with everything you...
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President Biden Signs the Methamphetamine Response Act of 2021

Posted 3/15/2022

On Monday, March 14, 2022, President Biden signed into law S. 854, the Methamphetamine Response Act of 2021, which designates methamphetamine as an emerging drug threat and requires the Office of National Drug...
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NIH Workshop on Psychedelics as Therapeutics

Posted 2/26/2022

The NIH Workshop on Psychedelics as Therapeutics was conducted earlier this year by the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National...
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Optimization of PDMP to Overcome Opioid Epidemic in West Virginia

Posted 2/23/2022

The development of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) led to an innovation in the healthcare organization system (HCOs). The PDMP system has been utilized in different states at various organizational levels in an effort to achieve improved health outcomes, reduce the number of...
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DEA Notice on Medical State Licensure and Controlled Substance Licensure

Posted 2/16/2022

The Drug Enforcement Administration's Registration and Program Support Section has identified countless Practitioners and Mid-Level Practitioners' DEA Registration numbers whose Medical State Licensure and/or their Controlled Substance licensure numbers past their expiration date, which is in...
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NASCSA's 38th Annual Conference

Posted 2/14/2022

Save the date for NASCSA's 38th Annual Conference will take place October 24-27, 2022 at Salt Lake City Marriott City Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  More details will be posted on website here when it becomes available....
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CURES delays switch from Atlantic Associates to Bamboo Health until Feb 23, 2022

Posted 2/10/2022

The change over for California CURES to Bamboo Health has been delayed until Feb 23, 2022.  Please note that this is a later date than what was communicated in previous communications.  Please continue to report to Atlantic Associates until the new change over date.

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AMA, Manatt Health unveil toolkit to combat drug overdoses

Posted 2/7/2022

CHICAGO ? February 7, 2022 - With drug overdose deaths reaching record numbers, the American Medical Association (AMA) and Manatt Health released Read More

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