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LA PMP Guidance: The Reporting of Accurate Prescriber Info

Posted 9/29/2021

The Board's Compliance Officers have been conducting on-site audits of pharmacy prescription records. The audits are being conducted to ensure complete and accurate reporting to the PMP. As a result of audit findings, the following guidance has been developed. For controlled substance prescriptions, the prescriber's DEA registration number is a required element of the prescription and must be reported to the PMP. It is of the utmost importance that pharmacists do not use a fake prescriber DEA registration number or fake prescriber NPI number on any prescription transaction, only use accurate information. For non-controlled substance prescriptions which are drugs of concern (e.g., gabapentin) and the prescriber does not possess a DEA registration number, the DEA field should be left blank and the prescriber NPI field reported. If the prescriber is a veterinarian who does not possess a DEA or NPI number, both fields should be left blank and the veterinarian's numerical license number from the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine should be entered in the prescriber's state license number field and the transaction reported. For prescriptions in which the prescriber uses a hospital's DEA registration number, in conformance with 21 CFR 1301.22(c), the hospital's DEA registration number with the prescriber's hospital assigned suffix and the prescriber's name must be reported to the PMP. 


Joe Fontenot
Executive Director
Designate Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

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