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NASCSA's mission is to support, equip, and advocate for state controlled substances authorities, prescription monitoring program administrators, and other members in their work to advance the public's health, safety and welfare.

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NASCSA Hires Ralph Orr as Policy and Communications Director

Posted 11/27/2022

Responding to an ongoing need voiced by NASCSA?s membership the Executive Committee has hired Ralph Orr who will serve as Policy and Communications Director. Ralph is an honorary member of NASCSA and previously served as President among other positions on the Executive Committee. Ralph has...
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DEA Laboratory Testing Reveals that 6 out of 10 Fentanyl-Laced Fake Prescription Pills Now Contain a Potentially Lethal Dose of Fentanyl

Posted 11/27/2022

WASHINGTON ? The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is alerting the public of a sharp nationwide increase in the lethality of fentanyl-laced fake prescription pills.

The DEA Laboratory has found that, of the fentanyl-laced fake prescription pills analyzed in 2022, six out of ten now...
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DEA Offering Lunch and Learn Web-Series

Posted 11/27/2022

The Washington Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is pleased to continue their Lunch and Learn Web-Series initiative?this year under the name " Strengthening Our Partnerships". Join us every month for these 30-minute LIVE sessions where DEA speakers and Special Guests present...
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FDA Alerts Health Care Professionals of Risks to Patients Exposed to Xylazine in Illicit Drugs

Posted 11/17/2022

Fentanyl, as well as other illicit drugs, can be contaminated with xylazine, warns FDA. Xylazine, an FDA-approved sedative and pain reliever for animals, is not safe for humans and can result in life-threatening side effects, similar to those commonly associated with opioid use. Naloxone can...
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FDA Announces Preliminary Assessment That Certain Naloxone Products Have the Potential to Be Safe and Effective for Over-the-Counter Use

Posted 11/17/2022

On November 15, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Federal Register notice, Read More

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Bamboo Health
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are critical to the mission of the National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities (NASCSA), helping to prevent the misuse and diversion of controlled substances. Bamboo Health provides the nation’s most comprehensive prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) solutions through our years of experience with partnerships across 44 unique PDMPs. Bamboo Health's advanced analytics, real-time clinical decision support, and critical insights and interventions support more than 1.6 million physicians, pharmacists, and care team members across hundreds of millions of patients encounters each year.

Our solutions have demonstrated leadership and continued support of state PDMP innovations designed to maximize the effectiveness of the PDMP for its users. Our solutions include the ability to add clinical tools such as clinical alerts, intuitive data graphs, peer-to-peer messaging which enable prescribers and pharmacists to better evaluate PDMP reports. In addition, Bamboo Health’s PDMP integration protocol through the PMP Gateway solution supports an estimated 1 billion patient queries annually across 48 states. States who adopt our statewide integration solution realize a 6-8-fold increase in PDMP queries while significantly improving user satisfaction. As responsible leaders in this market, we are proud to partner with our State PDMP partners to continue to innovate and enhance our solutions to deliver on this mission, ensuring that we get the right information in front of the right clinicians, at the right time, and in the right place. For more information visit www.Bamboohealth.com

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