Florida Profile

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Agency Description

The Florida Department of Health is statutorily responsible for the health and safety of all citizens and visitors to the state. As a public health agency the department monitors the health status of Floridians; diagnoses and investigates health problems; and mobilizes local communities to address health-related issues. The department develops policies and plans that support health goals; enforces laws and regulations that protect the health of all residents and visitors; links people to needed health care services; and provides services where necessary when people have difficulty accessing services from other providers. The department also licenses and regulates health care practitioners; and provides medical disability determinations

PMP Profile
Collection Agency:BAMBOO HEALTH
ASAP Version:ASAP 4.2
Reporting Required:YES
Zero Reporting Required:YES
Zero Reporting Period:1 day
Veterinary Clinic Reporting Required:NO
Controlled Substance Contacts
Jessica Sapp
Title: Executive Director
Dept: Department Of Health, Div. Of Med. Quality Assuran
Agency: Bureau of Healthcare Practitioner Regulation
Email: Send an Email to Jessica Sapp
Phone: (850) 245-4463 (Click To Call)
BIN C-04
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1708
Matt Knispel
Title: Chief Of Enforcement
Dept: Mqa Bureau Of Enforcement
Agency: Department of Health
Email: Send an Email to Matt Knispel
Phone: (850) 245-4123 (Click To Call)
BIN C-70
Tallahassee, FL 32399
PMP Contacts
John Felton
Title: Administrator
Dept: Prescription Monitoring Program
Agency: Department of Health
Email: Send an Email to John Felton
Phone: (850) 245-4548 (Click To Call)
BIN C-16
Tallahassee, FL 32399