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Alabama PDMP Change to ASAP 4.2b Dec 1, 2021

Posted 8/13/2021

Beginning December 1, 2021, the Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) will be adopting the latest reporting standard from the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP). Please read the attached document that contains links to additional information, next steps, and contact information if you have questions. We appreciate your cooperation in making this improvement to the Alabama PDMP. Examples of changes?include?the?modification?of?the?following?ASAP?fields: DSP13 Partial Fill Indicator DSP13 Partial Fill Indication is now a required field. This will help more accurately inform the prescriber of the patient?s prescription history. PRE01 National Provide Identifier (NPI) PRE01 NPI is now a required field. PRE09 XDEA Number PRE09 XDEA Number is a situational field and can be used when filling prescriptions for medication-assisted therapy. DSP24 Treatment?Type? The?DSP24 Treatment?Type?has?been?changed?to?include?additional?reporting?codes?specific?to?acute?pain?and?chronic?pain.?If?the?opioid?prescription?is?for?acute?pain?code?10?will?be?reported?and?if?the?opioid?prescription?is?for?chronic?pain?code?11?will?be?reported.?If?the?drug?is?not?an?opioid?or?if?the?opioid?is?not?for?pain?code?99?will?be?reported,?or?another?appropriate?code. This is a ?situational? field and not required. Please see the Alabama Data Submission guide at for a complete listing.

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