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Connecticut PDMP Changes to take affect Sept 1, 2021

Posted 8/13/2021

This is to inform you of changes to the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System (CPMRS) that will take place on September 1, 2021.

The CPMRS reporting requirements will be adding and modifying some required, situational, and not required fields in the ASAP 4.2A software format.

The Connecticut Data Submission Guide providing information on the changes taking place can be found using this link:. Pharmacies, Veterinarians, and Dispensing Practitioners, please familiarize yourselves with the new reporting requirements and make sure your software vendor knows about these changes.

The change will include the required reporting of the new ASAP field:

DSP22 ? Quantity Prescribed (Required). This field has been added in order to add clarity to the value reported in DSP13 Partial Fill Indicator

The change will include the situational reporting of the new ASAP field:

PHA13 ? Pharmacy?s Permit Number/License Number (Situational). This field has been added to report the pharmacy?s permit number (license number). To be utilized for non-controlled substances (e.g., gabapentin, Insulin, naloxone) only when the pharmacy or dispensing practitioner does not have an NPI number or DEA number (e.g., veterinarian)

The change will include but not require reporting of the following new ASAP fields:

DSP23 ? Rx SIG (Not Required). This field would capture the actual directions printed on the prescription vial label

DSP24 ? Treatment Type (Not Required). This field has been added to indicate that the prescription is for opioid dependency treatment, an option that states could require. Code 01 would be used when the drug is not used for treatment. Code 02 would be used when the drug is used for treatment

DSP25 ? Diagnosis Code (Not Required). This field would be used to report the ICD-10 code

PRE09 ? XDEA Number (Not Required). This field was added in addition to Treatment Type in the DSP segment. This gives PDMPs the option of requiring the XDEA Number (NADEAN) in the PRE-Segment

AIR11 ? Dropping Off/Picking Up Identifier Qualifier

The following fields will change from not required to required:

PHA04 ? Pharmacy Name (Required)

PHA05 ? Address Information ? 1 (Required)

PHA07 ? City Address (Required)

PHA08 ? State Address (Required)

PHA09 ? ZIP Code Address (Required)

This information must be reported, if available, as outlined in the Dispensation Guide.

Thank you for your assistance in making this a smooth transition and making the Connecticut PMP program successful.

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